Thursday, March 12, 2009

VA - Cupid's Revenge

I found out something. My DVD writer can’t read some of my old CDs. When we went to my sister’s house last weekend, I tried those CDs in my old PC and it worked. So I ripped them all! I’m also having problems with my ripper. Damn! Anyways, enough with my problems.

As I told you on my Valentine’s post, I was supposed to post this on that day but since my DVD writer’s been acting strangely I wasn’t able to. I bought this CD on a bargain bin. I quickly grabbed it upon seeing the tracklist. Though I got to admit that I already have most of the songs here but seeing collected into one CD is pretty amazing to me. I can’t resist it, I just got to buy it..

There are lot’s of great tracks here and particularly the Vandal’s version of that Grease song Summer Lovin’. Nothing really special about their version except that they just punked it up really good which is all I’m looking for. Hahaha. Also, there a classics here like the SImpletones’ I Have a Date (the Vandals have a version of this song as well from the Quickening OST I guess). The Dickies’ version of Rosemary is awesome (reminds of someone I lost years & years back). Stand out tracks here are the Nuns’ Do You Want Me on My Knees and the closing song, the Rotters’ Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks. Need I say more? Enjoy!

Download Here


Sir Head said...

Use audio grabber, it will rip almost anything old and new and its free. keep up the good work. Cheerss

Punk Rock Daddy said...

thanks a lot! I gotta get me one of that!

valis said...

I found this cd in a dollar store and it is pretty awesome. The Nuns song, "Do you want me on my knees," totally rules.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

don't forget the the rotter's song man. it pretty much says everything. hahaha

-kevin said...

Yo. Wanna blog-link-up?


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