Tuesday, March 3, 2009

VA - New Names for Old Desires

This is another release from Take 4 Collective. It’s actually a 4-way split with Nuclear Punishment, Isvarah, Prayer for Endurance & Forgiveness Denied. It’s a really ear-splitting record. I believe the compilation is now out-of-print but if you have a chance to buy the album, do so. Please support the scene!


Nuclear Punishment

1. Turbo Kabaong Showcase
2. Shabu
3. Girl
4. Moron Ensemble
5. Succubus


6. Digging Graves
7. Hypocrisy
8. Fear is the Limit
9. Fire
10. Soulless

Prayer for Endurance

11. Sinners Among Saints
12. Parameter
13. Messhiah Complex
14. Broken Halo
15. Last Minute Revelation

Forgiveness Denied

16. Catacombs of Clouds
17. Harsh Reality
18. Another Memory Dies
19. Merciless
20. My Beloved Cancer
21. Nothing But Death

Download Here


Putanginas said...

Punk Rock Daddy thank you very much for sharing this album. YOU RULE!!!!!!!! \m/

Anonymous said...

media fire link is down . Can u pls re-up ? would love to hear this 4-way split heard 40 seconds today of isvarah blew my F$%KIN mind