Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar - Copper Blue

I will never forget this record. Why? Because my sister liked it! Yeah, you heard it right, my eldest sister, a fifty something elementary teach actually liked it. It's not usually a good thing if your sister which is 20 years senior to you actually liked what you're listening. But I will make an exception with this record, because it's a really, really good record! It all started when I asked her to buy me COpper Blue since she's going to the mall and I'm too lazy to go out myself. It was in the early 90's and I was listening heavily on crossover/thrash metal thing, with occassional Sonic Youth, Pixies, Black Flag & Minor Threat on the side. When she came back, I immediately played it. And you know what she said? "That's a good record, unlike what you're listening daily. You should listen to that record more often." I was totally blown away by her remark, I was totally caught unprepared by it. I wouldn't normally listen to my sister's musical recommendations but I think this time she's right. It's not I'm going to abandon Slayer, Nuclear Assault, DRI, Black Flag, Bad Brains & Descendents, but I will surely take her advice into consideration. Afterall, it's really, really good.

Take my sister's advice: "Listen to Copper Blue more often."


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Monday, March 30, 2009

New Model Army - History

It's been a long time since my last post, or so it seems. I got hooked in playing Vampire Wars - haha! Anyways, here's another bargain bin find. I can't really understand why this record is in a bargain bin but it was and it suits me well. Here's a band that needs no introduction. This is their singles collection from 1985 to 1991. If you're a fan, this is a must-have, for the uninitiated, this is a good record to start with, an introduction to this great band! Enjoy!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Dean's December - Chemical Wedding

This is a recent request for a Re-up. This time it's Deans December, a Filipino New Wave/Post Punk outfit from the 8o's. This is their self-release record called Chemical Wedding. All the songs here are in English and they're really, really good! Why don't you check it out for yourselves and find out how good this band was.

Sorry I don't have a scanner and can't find the cover for this one.

download here

VA - Fatal Response

There's a request for a re-up for this TRC compilation. Enjoy!


01. Dead Ends - New Life
02. GI & the Idiots - Broken Lineage
03. GI & the Idiots - Nine Years in Service
04. GI & the Idiots - the Flag
05. WUDS - Patay Buhay
06. WUDS - Inosente Lang ang Nagtataka
07. Urban Bandits - News fo the World
08. Urban Bandits - Battle of Mendiola
09. Zoot Suit - Look at that Boy
10. Zoot Suit - Suit Yourself
11. Dead Ends - Don't Drop Your Guns

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

VA - Cupid's Revenge

I found out something. My DVD writer can’t read some of my old CDs. When we went to my sister’s house last weekend, I tried those CDs in my old PC and it worked. So I ripped them all! I’m also having problems with my ripper. Damn! Anyways, enough with my problems.

As I told you on my Valentine’s post, I was supposed to post this on that day but since my DVD writer’s been acting strangely I wasn’t able to. I bought this CD on a bargain bin. I quickly grabbed it upon seeing the tracklist. Though I got to admit that I already have most of the songs here but seeing collected into one CD is pretty amazing to me. I can’t resist it, I just got to buy it..

There are lot’s of great tracks here and particularly the Vandal’s version of that Grease song Summer Lovin’. Nothing really special about their version except that they just punked it up really good which is all I’m looking for. Hahaha. Also, there a classics here like the SImpletones’ I Have a Date (the Vandals have a version of this song as well from the Quickening OST I guess). The Dickies’ version of Rosemary is awesome (reminds of someone I lost years & years back). Stand out tracks here are the Nuns’ Do You Want Me on My Knees and the closing song, the Rotters’ Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks. Need I say more? Enjoy!

Download Here

Social Distortion - Girls cars & Loud Guitars

This is a limited CD released only in Germany (I think). This CD collects most of their B-sides o mostly cover songs of country/rockabilly and a Bob Dylan (Lonesome Train). Plus 3 very familiar SD songs, Ball & Chain (edit), Bad Luck (Live Acoustic) and Ball & Chain (Live Acoustic). I love this record. Enjoy!

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Bob Mould - Poison Years

I have to admit that I actually not very thrilled to Bob Mould’s solo efforts. Then I found this CD in the early 2000. I already have the Sugar records Copper Blue & File Under: Easy Listening so I though, wtf it’s Bob Mould! I bought it and was totally blown away by it. He did not lose any of his power & brilliance after the demise of Husker Du, if not even matured, in a really good way. What am I thinking, avoiding his solo records? There's only one left to do, I have to scrounge every record store here the Philippines just to get a hold of Bob Mould’s back catalog – Workbook, Black Sheets of Rain, etc. Good thing I was able to track 'em down. I won't forgive myself if I wasn't able to find them. I'll be very pisssed!

Anyways, I’ll be posting my Sugar & Bob Mould’s records in the near future. Meanwhile, I gotta get back to FB to play VW. Adios for now mi amigos. Hope you enjoy the posts.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pailhead - Trait EP & I Will Refuse/No Bunny Single

Talk about unholy alliance. Pailhead is a side-project of Al Jourgensen of Ministry and Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat & Fugazi. Ian Mackaye’s straight-edge stance and Al Jourgensen’s legendary substance abuse make this collaboration really, really interesting. Posted here is their 4-song EP Trait and the No Bunny/I Will Refuse single. Yes it’s industrial but with an edge. I actually downloaded this probably a year ago and I forgot from what blog I actually snagged this gem.


Download Here

Scruffy The Cat - Tiny Days

Part of the fertile late-'80s Boston music scene that included the Blake Babies, the Lemonheads, and Buffalo Tom, when it came to making a clang, Scruffy the Cat favored traditional instruments such as harmonicas and banjos to the wall of distortion of their contemporaries. That's not to say the songs on Tiny Days don't rock, however. Using great sing-song melodies and a relentless backbeat, Scruffy transform basic pop songs like "Time Never Forgets" and "Thomas Doubter" into roots rock workouts; a New England, clam chowdery version of Jason & the Scorchers or Steve Earle. (AMG)

Download Here

Scruffy The Cat - Moons of Jupiter

Scruffy the Cat followed their highly enjoyable debut with Moons of Jupiter, which substitutes quantity for quality on 16 new songs. The band's crisp roots rock sound is intact, but the songs don't stick, and the album's kitschy "space age" theme seems like a half-baked attempt to find something -- anything -- to sing about. The album is easy on the ears, but the band was sliding by on pure, uninspired songcraft at this point, assembling superficially adequate songs with little substance. In places even the performances break down, as with the weak vocal on "Keith's Lament," and it came as no surprise when Scruffy the Cat disbanded afterwards. (AMG)

Download Here

Bystorm/Pulling Teeth Split


We started out around 2003-2004 as a side project that eventually evolved into a full-time hardcore machine. Influenced by the early-mid 90's hardcore scene, which is the music they grew up with, they set out to shake the very foundations of the local hardcore punk scene which was plagued by the commercially oriented 'hardcore' types to the non-stop whining artsy-fartsy types (when they have everything in the world and no reason to whine about). Our first release was a split CD with local HC contempraries, SAUNA from Batangas, which gave a sign of things to come for the local scene. We have recently released our second effort, a split CD with Baltimore's finest, PULLING TEETH! This split was released with the help of the guys from Take Four Collectie, Major Malfunction and Delusion of Terror Records. Check this CD out, as we believe this is our finest effort so far, and if not for us, check out the PT side! F'n awesome band!! Thanks to everyone who helped us out and showed their support to our recently concluded Malaysia/Singapore Tour and we're seriously considering doing it again because it is the best times we had as a band! (from Bystorm Myspace )

Pulling Teeth
Hometown: Baltimore, MD USA

Mike: Vocals
Dom: Guitar
Mitchell: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Alex: Drums

Pulling Teeth are a brutal metallic hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD.

Featuring former members of Slumlords, The Spark, Desperate Measures, and Never Enough, they play a furious style of metal influenced hardcore. Combining the classic power of Integrity and Poison Idea, with the apocalyptic heaviness of newer bands Cursed, Tragedy, etc.

Pulling Teeth released "Vicious Skin" on Chainsaw Safety/A389 in late 2006. The album was considered the sleeper punk/hardcore album of the year, receiving fantastic reviews from press worldwide.

In early 2007, Pulling Teeth released a split 7"EP with UK's Frightener on Dom's label, A389. A release that was followed up by their beast of an album "Martyr Immortal on Deathwish in 2008.

"Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is the latest work from Baltimore hardcore mainstays, Pulling Teeth. Painstakingly recorded and engineered by Chris Camden at Ultrasound over a three month period, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is a conceptual piece of immense artistic depth and darkness.

Songs like the bruising "Unsatisfied" dig deep to reveal monstrous dirges that rival any doom metal artist. While the Slayer influenced "Bloodwolves" is as volatile and infectious as a song can be. Though the aforementioned songs are truly brilliant works, it is Pulling Teeth's new found mastery of emotional ebb and flow which shines as their real strength. This awe inducing quality is revealed in the stunning two title tracks, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions". Collectively both songs are a monumental achievement of soulful guitar work, Moog driven textures, and insightful prose. A near perfect example of how a band can evolve without abandoning the heart and raw energy that defines the "hardcore/punk" genre at its very core. (from Deathwish Inc. website)

Btw, this is a request from Putang-I-Nas. He also requested the New Names fro Old Desires compilation.

Download Here

VA - New Names for Old Desires

This is another release from Take 4 Collective. It’s actually a 4-way split with Nuclear Punishment, Isvarah, Prayer for Endurance & Forgiveness Denied. It’s a really ear-splitting record. I believe the compilation is now out-of-print but if you have a chance to buy the album, do so. Please support the scene!


Nuclear Punishment

1. Turbo Kabaong Showcase
2. Shabu
3. Girl
4. Moron Ensemble
5. Succubus


6. Digging Graves
7. Hypocrisy
8. Fear is the Limit
9. Fire
10. Soulless

Prayer for Endurance

11. Sinners Among Saints
12. Parameter
13. Messhiah Complex
14. Broken Halo
15. Last Minute Revelation

Forgiveness Denied

16. Catacombs of Clouds
17. Harsh Reality
18. Another Memory Dies
19. Merciless
20. My Beloved Cancer
21. Nothing But Death

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