Thursday, November 18, 2010

VA - Another Damned Seattle Compilation [Tribute to the Damned]

I’m sorry about the late posts and totally missed October but I’m too busy and lazy [whoa! that’s an oxymoron] at the same time. Busy doing a lot of father/husband stuff and lazy posting. Actually, I’ve already uploaded at least 10 records but I’m so tired lately to write something up.

Anyways, I’ll try to make up for that with this post. This a Seattle tribute to one of the best punk bands ever – the Damned!

The culprits here are the who’s who of the Seattle scene:

the Purdins – 1 of the 2
Young Fresh Fellows – Fan Club
Coffin Break – Love Song
Skin Yard – Machine Gun Etiquette
Gas Huffer – Suicide
the Accused – Neat Neat Neat
Love Battery – I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
Motorhoney – Psychomannia
Freak – Anti-Pope
Flop – Disco Man
Hammerbox – New Rose
Derelicts – Born to Kill
Gruntruck – Nasty
Mudhoney – Stab Your Back
The Posies – Smash It Up
Big Satan Inc. – Melody Lee
Whitey – Wait for the Blackout
Fastbacks – Hit or Miss
Young Fresh Fellows – Life Goes On



Bryn said...

Thanks for posting this one! I had this on a cassette back in the early 90s, but that is long gone!

mt said...

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dule.klc said...

I added your blog to my blog list so hope you can do this too. Greetings!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

@Bryn: No problem brother. thanks for leaving a comment.

@dule.klc: I've already added your blog in my blogroll.

@mt: great web radio man, keep it up!