Monday, December 27, 2010

Suicidal Tendencies - the Art of Rebellion

"On the group's earliest albums, vocalist Mike Muir specialized in intense, angst-ridden rants, harrowing but one-dimensional. He has since developed into a rock-solid vocalist, his voice a powerful and fluid instrument. Muir still delivers emotionally ferocious spoken-word segments on "Nobody Hears" and "I Wasn't Meant to Hear This," but the trademark is woven into good songs rather than being an end onto itself. A clenched fist in a velvet glove -- or is it an open hand in chain mail? -- whichever, The Art of Rebellion packs a punch that should win over new devotees while maintaining the group's hardcore following."[AMG]

In my opinion, this is their "alternative" album. I bought two cassettes of this one because I kind of overplayed the first one, and I almost overplayed the next cassette until I finally bought the CD. Their sound is fresh but never strayed very far from their roots. It only shows the maturity of the band, especially Mike Muir. My favorite here is I'll Hate You Better. I just love the lyrics - "my hate is better to give than to recieve" just to name a one. Plus, I'm a fan of Josh Freese of the Vandals and he played drums on this album!


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