Monday, December 27, 2010

VA - Rubaiyat [Elektra's 40th Anniversary

First up, belated Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all of you!!!

As usual, I'm late again. But I'm really, really busy. Anyway, enough about that.

I got this comp on a cassette first. The two cassettes were each sold separately. So, I bought the one with Metallica covering Stone Cold Crazy. I was into the whole thrash thing at the moment and it's the sanest thing to do. Satisfied with (I think) cassette 2, I bought the other one a week after. It's not the greatest compilation but it has some flashes of brilliance here and there. You be the judge...

Here's the tracklist

CD 1

1. The Cure: "Hello, I Love You" (the Doors, 1968)
2. Tracy Chapman: "The House of the Rising Sun" (Glenn Yarbrough, 1957)
3. Billy Bragg: "7 and 7 Is" (Love, 1966)
4. Jevetta Steele: "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" (New Seekers, 1971)
5. Gipsy Kings: "Hotel California" (Eagles 1976)
6. The Black Velvet Band: "Werewolves of London" (Warren Zevon, 1978)
7. The Sugarcubes: "Motorcycle Mama" (Sailcat, 1972)
8. Shinehead: "One Meatball" (Josh White, 1956)
9. The Havalinas: "Bottle of Wine" (Tom Paxton, 1965)
10. Pixies: "Born in Chicago" (Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 1965)
11. Faster Pussycat: "You're So Vain" (Carly Simon, 1972)
12. Kronos Quartet: "Marquee Moon" (Television, 1977)
13. Phoebe Snow: "Get Ourselves Together" (Delaney & Bonnie, 1968)
14. Happy Mondays: "Tokoloshe Man" (John Kongos, 1972)
15. Ernie Isley: "Let's Go" (The Cars, 1979)
16. Lynch Mob: "Going Down" (Don Nix and the Alabama State Troopers, 1972)
17. Arto Lindsay & The Ambitious Lovers: "A Little Bit of Rain" (Fred Neil, 1965)
18. Anita Baker: "You Belong to Me" (Carly Simon, 1978)
19. Howard Jones: "Road to Cairo" (David Ackles, 1968)

[edit] CD 2

1. The Big F: "Kick Out the Jams" (MC5, 1969)
2. The Georgia Satellites: "Almost Saturday Night/Rockin' All Over the World" (Status Quo, 1975)
3. Sara Hickman: "Hello, I Am Your Heart" (Dennis Linde, 1973)
4. Teddy Pendergrass: "Make It with You" (Bread, 1970)
5. Linda Ronstadt: "The Blacksmith" (a cappella) (Kathy & Carol, 1965)
6. Bill Frisell, Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz: "Going Going Gone" (Bob Dylan, 1974)
7. Jackson Browne: "First Girl I Loved" (The Incredible String Band, 1967)
8. 10,000 Maniacs: "These Days" (Jackson Browne, 1973)
9. Metallica: "Stone Cold Crazy" (Queen, 1974)
10. Danny Gatton: "Apricot Brandy" (Rhinoceros, 1968)
11. Shaking Family: "Union Man" (The Cate Brothers, 1975)
12. They Might Be Giants: "One More Parade" (Phil Ochs, 1964)
13. Howard Hewett: "I Can't Tell You Why" (Eagles, 1979)
14. Leaders of the New School: "Mt. Airy Groove" (Pieces Of A Dream, 1982)
15. Shirley Murdock: "You Brought The Sunshine" (The Clark Sisters, 1983)
16. John Eddie: "Inbetween Days" (The Cure, 1985)
17. The Beautiful South: "Love Wars" (Womack & Womack, 1983)
18. Michael Feinstein: "Both Sides Now" (Judy Collins, 1967)
19. John Zorn: "T.V. Eye" (The Stooges, 1970)
20. The Cure: "Hello, I Love You" (slight return)


Don said...

There was one song on this comp that I wanted. I waited ten years and it was never released. So I paid $80 to get this comp. The song was released on a budget comp seven months later.

The originals disc isn't much to get excited about. The covers disc has flashes of brilliance but overall rates three and half stars. It was offered in one and two disc versions, the smaller comp was just originals.

Don said...

Looking at the tracklist again, it must have been four discs. I know that my version has all the original songs, then all of the covers.

Anonymous said...

only download 1 worked for me
thanks anyway

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playrecordpause said...

looks like a decent comp, some interesting stuff on there.

furrball said...

Correction on disc 2, the Georgia Satellites track: Status Quo (who were never on Elektra!) never recorded "Almost Saturday Night". Both it and "Rockin' All Over The World" were recorded on Asylum by John Fogerty.

You stand corrected.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

@furrball: i guess so. though i only grabbed the tracklist somewhere but I actually didn't know that too. thanks for the correction anyway.

Mr Bloody Mojo said...

I got this when it came out, but I got mine on CD. Where ever got it, was having some kind of sale, plus Rubayait was some kind of featured item at a discount price. Like yourself my main draw was the Metallica track, but I found myself enjoying at least half of the collection or so. The Big F cover of Kick out the Jams was nice, as was Naked City's cover of TV Eye, I thought John Eddies version of the Cure was pretty nice too. Some other bands I found to shine here were Pixies, The Cure, Gypsy Kings, Happy Mondays, Leaders of the New School(featuring what is likely the first recorded work by a young Busta Rhymes), and even Faster Pussycat. Some of the other tracks I remembering enjoying somewhat, and only a few I outright hated. All in all, I found it to be a decent collection. The version Don is describing was a promo version of the set, which combined the covers with all the original cuts!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

@My Bloody Mojo: yeah, we seem to enjoy the same songs - even Faster Pussycat! :)

Anonymous said...

Not a bad compilation all apart from Meta Llika with Jimmy Sheffield who shout and snarl and appear to loose their temper.
When bands such as Meta Llika openly support torture then it's time to question their politics especially when they wear black shirts.

The Billy Bragg track is excellent.

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