Monday, August 25, 2008

Fugazi - Stage Dive Masters

This is a bootleg recording from the seminal DC band Fugazi. I think, this was part of the official bootleg series released by the band. I could be wrong, though I would love to get my hands on those 30+ volumes.

The recording itself is very descent for a bootleg, though the drums were pretty much "at the back" if you know what I mean. I can still remember downloading bootleg recordings from their Official Website. I downloaded their Peel Sessions and I'm tracking it down since I forgot where I backed it up. And there was this time where I'm on a steady diet of Fugazi. Though I must admit that I was less thrilled with their latter recordings. It became very experimental for my taste.

Anyways, this is a fine recording and a must have for any Fugazi fans and non-fans as well.

Fugazi - Stage Dive Masters


Gilberto vonMamerto said...

Great Mr. Punk Daddy, thank you for all!!!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

It's been a long time Gilberto, nice to hear from you again.

luciferyellow said...

The Internet Archives have a whole bunch of Fugazi shows archived, for free dl with the band's blessing

So far, I have only bothered to dl 2 of these shows (Irving Plaza, '95) and those are awesome - soundboard quality. Go wild!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Thanks a lot Lucifer Yellow, and for the heads-up on those soundboard-quality bootlegs. I'm gonna be busy for the next few days.

k-xi said...

great post!! thnx a lot dude!!!


ohh, I don't have this

thx!, great post
Cheers from Chile

museum of imaginary histories said...

nice one fella.
you really outta go and give the later albums another go though. i was listening to 'end hits' earlier today and i'd forgotten just how good it is.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Ok bro, I'll give End Hits another spin. Though I really like the first track off End Hits.