Monday, August 25, 2008

The Kinks - One for the Road

Today's posts includes five live recordings, starting off with a classic one from the the criminally overlooked band the Kinks. I had this one on a double LP vinyl way back. Unfortunately, I did not take of it and it's all scratched up and had to throw it away, stupid me. Anyways, I got the CD reissue and had to contend with it.

I've been contemplating of posting this one for a long time since I bought it about 3 months ago but a bit hesitant since it's way off the "alley." I finally got the balls to post it and it really feels good. Anyway, it's only rock n' roll!


The Kinks - One for the Road


justin said...

Love the Kinks but had to comment after my first visit here. We shared comments on Mark's Down Underground. Love the eclectic mix going on here with your site and just going down the list of labels I was amazed. Nice job here. I went ahead and added your link even though I am taking a break from my site right now. Thanx for your time and energy.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

No problem bro

Tracy Rogers said...

No problem bro

Anonymous said...

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