Sunday, August 17, 2008

March Violets - The Botanic Verses

The March Violets enjoyed some success here in the Philippines during the 80s when a local radio station WXB 102.7 FM included their song Deep in their playlist. WXB played an almost exclusive all-import music, from New Wave to Goth and later Punk and Hardcore.

But all of that changed when two of their songs were included in the John Hughes movie "Somekind of Wonderful." The songs were "Turn to the Sky" plus a very excellent cover of the Stones song "Miss Amanda Jones."

Anyways, Botanic Verses is a collection of their early singles. You can hear traces of their label mates Sisters of Mercy in their earlier works but that's actually a plus in my book.

"The male/female vocal dynamic was definitely one of the March Violets' strong points, and their most successful tracks push that hard, whether it's the more immediately radio friendly dance-rock fury of "Walk Into the Sun" or the murkier edge of "Children on Stun." Plenty of other winners surface throughout: the slow-then-fast dank funk of "Slow Drip Lizard," the wonderfully vicious "Radiant Boys," the blunt "1 2 I Love You." by Ned Raggett

March Violets - The Botanic Verses


Michael said...

nice to see March Violets & Sisters Of Mercy!! i guess im not the only HC Punk freak who loves their 80's goth!!

actually, i was dj'ing this last weekend at my friends niteclub, and played lots of these 2 bands along with obscure stuff from the likes of Modern English, Joy Division, Jesus & Mary Chain, Eno, Tubeway Army, Simple Minds, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bow Wow Wow, etc etc...

i also got those 2 MOB records in my collection that are on your wish list...if you can ever post that OCEAN ZOO 45, ill promise to figure out a way to upload them & send you a link for the wavefiles & scanned sleeves...I PROMISE!!!


bobbysu said...

thank you very much